When you’re planning to shop for golf balls, Callaway is the name that immediately hits the mind. Their range of golf balls cater to all levels of expertise and players, and this one caught my attention because of its soft feel and extraordinary spinning power. You will be charmed instantly with the click sound when the ball hits the club face. Tour golf balls are mostly aimed at mid-handicap golfers. If you’re a higher handicap player looking to find something new, you may want to give this ball a try.The Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball sports a firm construction with various premium features. It is slightly firmer than it predecessor. Let’s read the article and find out more about its features. The Callaway Hex Tour is the newest addition to the Callaway range of golf balls. It has been designed after extensive research to create
something that will take your golf game to a new level. These balls are perfect for both control and range seekers.


Despite its three-piece construction, the ball flies effortlessly. Its cover is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, which provides the ball with a hex aerodynamic design. With its 332 dimples, the ball flies without much drag. Surlyn is used to make the outer layer, with a thickness of 0.042-inches, and Polybutadiene for the core, which is known for its extraordinary durability.


A Polybutadiene plastic core makes up the core of the Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf ball. It is designed to help the golfer hit long-range shots with utmost accuracy. This plastic component is extremely flexible, while enhancing spin separation. This makes it easy to take straighter and longer shots because it has a low compression rate. The material is highly durable which means you can make the most of your money spent on the balls.


From the name of the ball, you probably guessed that it is a softcover ball. Be aware, however, that the ball’s cover is made of Thermoplastic Urethane with a 0.034 thickness. There are 332 unique dimples that reduce drag and path alteration caused by wind. It is engineered to provide high resilience when it passes through the air with reduced friction. This allows you to play with greater accuracy and achieve higher speeds.


Tour golf balls are known for their ability to travel further through the air. The Callaway Hex Tour exemplifies that with its unique core technology. It can fly long distances with superior accuracy as a result.

Skill Level

This ball is perfect for golfers of all skill levels. Beginners can use it to improve their game, while professional golfers can have fun with this group. New golfers will be happy that the ball can cover a long distance. They will also find greater control on ground shots, chip shots, and even pitch shots. This feature will come in handy for the professional players


Q. How many golf balls does each pack come in?

Ans: The Callaway Hex Tour Golf Balls can be purchased directly from Amazon

Q.What is the country of origin?

Ans: The Callaway Golf Balls are made in Taiwan.

Q.What colors available?

Ans: The Callaway Hex Tour is available in only one color.The white colors are easier to find in the greens.

Q. How far the Hex Tour can travel?

Ans: The lightweight core of this golf ball enables it to cover a long distance in a straight line, allowing the golfer to keep the trajectory in a straight line.

Q. Is it hard to control the ball?

Ans: Generally speaking, softcover balls are viewed as harder to control compared to hardcover balls. However,this ball has a synthetic rubber cover that is incredibly easy to control on the greens.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy playing golf competitively or just recreationally, the Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball has got you covered. This ball is of the highest quality and will take your game to
the next level. Tour-quality golf balls are generally very expensive. The price for this one is moderate, so you can get it without causing a dent in your wallet. If you are looking for a high-quality tour golf ball that provides excellent control and great distance, you should consider trying this one out. The urethane cover generates tons of greenside spin with a high flying range.