The selection of the best quality golf balls can be difficult as there are so many excellent golf balls available. You should go for golf balls that suit your game best.
Callaway is one of the preeminent industries in the golf world. Callaway designs some of the best clubs you can buy. They also manufacture some of the most cutting edge balls around. Most people are satisfied because Callaway golf balls are more advanced than Titleist golf balls.

One such golf ball that can compete with the most popular golf balls is the Callaway Diablo Tour golf balls. This low compression golf ball was designed specifically for the slower swinging medium/high handicapper.

So, without wasting any more time let’s have an in-depth look at the Callaway Diablo Tour Golf Ball features.

Callaway Diablo Tour Golf Balls (12 Pack)

Callaway Diablo Tour Golf Balls (12 Pack)

Best On A Low Budget

  • Engineered to provide powerful Tour performance with premium feel
  • Larger Power Core design creates the spin you need off every club for superior control
  • Soft center core creates more spin with shorter clubs for enhanced greenside control

Features of Callaway Diablo Tour Golf Ball

Diablo Tour is a 2-piece golf ball that is perfect for low to medium handicappers with not-so-good swing speeds.

Feel and Strike

It is impossible for you to find a better golf ball when it comes to feel or strike. This ball features low compression cores. Low compression golf balls are easily compressed, which means you will feel the impact on both long and short shots. The golf club’s cover system includes a soft but durable material.

Performance for Callaway Diablo Tour Golf Balls

The Diablo Tour golf balls perform better than its competitors when it comes to trajectory and consistency. This unique pattern enables you to hit these golf balls straighter and further.


Durability is another important key factor you should consider when purchasing golf balls. The Diablo Tour golf ball features Trionomer cover systems, which are extremely strong. Thanks to the Trionomer material your golf ball will last for multiple rounds.


You’ll be delighted to hear that the Diablo Tour feature low compression cores that reduce spin rates to gain additional distances. If you’re an amateur golfer with a bad swing speed, you’ll need some extra distance even more.


Its 332 HEX dimple pattern delivers enhanced ball speeds, enhanced distance and precise accuracy. Mid to high handicappers with below slow speed will be able to compress this golf ball with little or no difficulty.


The Diablo Tour provides a soft, solid feel with the irons. Its dimple pattern design further ensures an accurate trajectory that is ideal for iron play.

Short Game

Even though long drivers are amazing, however, a great short game will ensure lower scores. So, if you want to improve your short game, then it’s crucial to play with a golf ball that offers unbelievable greenside control and feel. With its soft feel and Trionomer cover system, Diablo Tour golf balls will further contribute to your greenside control.


It is necessary to have a good feel on the greens. A ball that is soft but durable while putting will ensure distance and limit three putts. This will save you several shots per round. The Diablo Tour provides you with an accurate balance between feel and solidity.


Lastly, a great golf ball comes with price. With so many features you may expect the Diablo Tour to be expensive. However, the Diablo Tour comes at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Are Callaway Diablo balls Good?

Ans. Callaway Diablo golf balls tend to have a decent distance rating. They also have a good feel and spin on the greens. Although they’re not super soft for chipping around the green with maximum spin, you’ll still have a good golf ball feel.

Q) What is the compression of the Callaway Diablo Tour golf ball?

Ans. The Callaway Diablo Tour is a low compression ball that is 60-compression.

Q) Do low compression golf balls go longest?

Ans. You should choose a low compression ball if you’re an average golfer with slow swing speeds. Anything over 90 mph is considered a high swing speed, so if you have high swing speeds you should go for high compression balls.

Q) Should I use hard or Soft balls?

Ans. On the other hand, higher compression balls are harder and provide more control. So, it’s up to you what you want the most. If you want distance, go with softballs; if you want control, go with hard balls.


    Despite being discontinued, this golf ball is a fan favorite that has remained a good choice if you’re looking for a good value for your money. Diablo Tour golf balls are not a current Callaway golf ball model but they have stood the test of time. Thanks to the Diablo Tour slow swinging players will able to get maximum, straight distance with ease.