With a good rangefinder, your game will be easy and relaxing. When playing golf, you already have to make the right swing, keep your body just the way it should be, and a whole lot more. Now you don’t have to guess the distance to the flag or bunker. With so many for sale, which one is the best? You can begin by looking at this Bushnell Pro X2 review to decide if a rangefinder is for you or not.

A well-known brand in the rangefinder industry, Bushnell has packed this Pro X2 rangefinder with so many advanced features that it seems to be the best in the market. Let’s find out what all the features.

Bushnell Pro X2 Review: The Features

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Take a look at the Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder’s features in a nutshell.

A Range Of 450 Yards

450 yard readings for a golf rangefinder would be considered a reasonable distance for a rangefinder you will be used to – you don’t have to worry that this is too short. However, if the rangefinder is very inaccurate, it can affect your game.
Fortunately, this Pro X2 rangefinder is fairly precise in its computations.

Pin seeker with JOLT Technology

The Bushnell Pro X2 is different because it allows you to lock in the distance between an object and the rangefinder. In fact, it features Jolt technology that lets you lock in the flag. As a result, you know that it is the flag you are calculating the distance to, not something else. However, you may have difficulty locking the flag because sometimes this rangefinder does not lock in the flag, but some distant tree in the distance. Otherwise, things will go quite smoothly.

Slope Switch Technology

Taking the slopes into account is important in golf because it can change the location of the ball by a considerable amount. Thankfully, you get a slope switch at the back which you can click to view the slope of the field ahead. Through this, you can determine on your distance and swing even more deftly and precisely.

Magnification and Focus

You can zoom in with this rangefinder with a 6X magnification. You can adjust the focus rather easily, but perhaps too easily in some cases. If you leave the rangefinder to be used later, you will need to adjust the
focus again.

A Dual Display

No worries! With this rangefinder, you will be able to see in low-light conditions with ease since it is equipped with dual-display technology. This technology works very well, and you won’t have difficulty using it at all.

Extra Features

Aside from being a binocular, this one comes with access to a Bushnell Golf app which offers you access to over 36,000 courses. Does that sound like a lot of golf courses?

The Build Of The Range Finder.

This Bushnell rangefinder is constructed in high quality material. Furthermore, it is assembled so well.
It is a very convenient rangefinder to carry around. Furthermore, it is a waterproof rangefinder. You can
consider yourself fortunate to have taken advantage of this rangefinder. However, you should always check it right when you receive it because customers have received scratched copies.

Common Questions About Bushnell Pro X2 Review

Does it come with a battery?

Yeah, it comes with a battery.

Does it include a case?

Yes, it does come with a lovely case.

Does the case have anything that you can use to attach this rangefinder with the bag?

Yes, the case accompanies a clip that will bind to a bag easily.

Can you use it for hunting?

If its magnification suits the chase, yes you absolutely can use it for hunting

Can you use this with glasses?

Yes, you can, it does offer eye relief.

Final Words

It’s true that Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder is made to be durable, and it is often so as well. It often works perfectly too.

You know from this Bushnell Pro X2 review what goes right and what goes wrong. If you are okay with risking success, this rangefinder is quite the unit to risk. It will deliver the best kind of rangefinder experience because it is that capable and does exactly what it says. The total bundle is quite generous as well. All of these at a very sensible cost.